The Lustre of Mikimoto

We often admire the completely spherical, lustrous marvels that are pearls, but have you ever stopped to consider what they really are and how they come to be. Most jewellery is fashioned out of precious metals and jewels that are found buried in the Earth, but pearls incredibly are found inside a living creature, an oyster.

This extraordinary creature living in our seas and rivers uses pearls as a way of protecting itself from foreign substances such as grains of sand and other irritants, creating layer upon layer of this coating, called ‘nacre’, until a lustrous, beautiful pearl is formed.

A cultured pearl undergoes the same process. The only difference is that the irritant is a surgically implanted bead or piece of shell called Mother of Pearl, a process that takes a minimum of 3 years to cultivate the perfect ‘jewel of the sea’ you see featured on the seductive and enchanting jewellery range from Mikimoto.



The house of Mikimoto is founded on Kokichi Mikimoto’s, known as the Alchemist of the sea, devotion to the pursuit of perfection, realising his lifelong ambition by unlocking the secret of creating perfectly cultured pearls. These flawless marvels are almost indistinguishable from their naturally occurring counterparts found in the South Seas of Asia and now adorn exquisite pieces of jewellery found in high end Jewellery outlets around the world including Whittles Jewellers.

Using only the finest quality materials, the most talented jewellery designers, master craftsman and individually chosen pearls, controlling every phase of production, The house of Mikimoto really have perfected the art of fine jewellery making and commitment to creative, unique and magnificent jewellery pieces.


“Each pearl harvested is as individual as a fingerprint, making it essential to establish quality grading standards. As the Originator of Cultured Pearls, Mikimoto maintains the strictest standards.”

The Mikimoto pearl grading scale assesses the pearls on their luster, colour, shape and size. However, only the cultured pearls deemed at the best top 5% of the grade, are worthy of carrying the Mikimoto name. The Mikimoto hallmark holds a significant yet discreet beauty of its own; often found on the clasp of the item is the outline of an Akoya oyster shell with an M inside – this has been used since the company was founded, only used upon the most beautiful of items to distribute to those who are lucky enough to come across Mikimoto timeless creations.

Versatile designs are constantly introduced in a spectrum of exciting and rich colours, experimenting with unusual clasps, multi-layered jewels and intricate styles with results that are inspiring and beautifully stylish.

This is simply a brand that are dedicated to creating perfect pearl products which are now available here, on the Whittles website and in store.

Whittles Jewellers based in Preston, Lancashire and are one of the UK’s most notable independent jewellers, priding ourselves on stocking only the finest quality jewellery.


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