The Skye Roadshow

The “Skye Rim” is the secret to the sparkle of the rings. It gives a mirrored brilliance to enhance the centre stone and delicately scalloped diamond shoulders for a classic vintage look.

Each certificated central diamond has been specifically chosen and sourced from the top cutting houses in the world and individually picked for their outstanding qualities by diamond experts. The stones are guaranteed to pass the test of time.

Computer Aided Design is used to visualise the collection in photorealistic models. Attention to detail is paramount to the “intuitive” goldsmiths behind their design.These Goldsmiths utilise several unique, expert setting techniques to fashion the setting and ensure that the diamond reveals its maximum brilliance. The central diamond is then often accentuated by perfectly matched smaller diamonds, set into the gallery or on the shoulders of the shank.

Whilst Bridal jewellery and Diamond engagement rings are as subject to the changing tides of fashion , the vintage trend remains strong and these styles are all about glamour, sparkle, detail and fine design – with a modern edge.