Congratulations to our Deputy Manager, Rose Wilson for passing the FGA (Fellowship of Gem-A).  Following Samuel Barnett, the first ever to be awarded the Diploma in 1913.

The FGA is the most prestigious international gemmological qualification in the gem and jewellery trade. The Gemmology course gives a more in-depth understanding of gemmology and the principles of gem testing and enhanced gem identification skills.

The FGA Diploma will allow Rose to use the letters FGA after her name, which conveys a student’s knowledge, integrity, membership of a professional body and commitment to professional development and is highly recognized within the trade.

Rose Wilson, Deputy Manager

History of the Gem-A

During the new industrial age twors the end of the 19th century, the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) was created in the interests of jewellers. Protecting jewellery traders in the market place. In 1908 NAG Education Committee was set up to establish gemmological qualifications for the UK jewellery trade, teaching courses and examinations in the study of gemstones at the NAG’s annual conference. This marked the start of organised gemmology.

As the study of gemmology grew in popularity a branch of NAG was inaugurated, called the Gemmological Association with provision of education, research and information, and also meant their diploma graduates could be elected to the Fellowship of the Gemmological Association.

During the next 20 years interest  in gemstones and diamonds grew that the Gemmological Association of Great Britain began making connections with other associations both hear in Britain and overseas all who wanted to teach the GEM-A Diploma.